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    How to capture events of items resizing?

    DavidWhewell Level 1
      Hi there,

      I'm writing a table/grid structure in pure Actionscript - contains arrays of DisplayObjects, most of which will be TextFields. The behaviour I want is for the columns/rows to auto resize when the elements inside it change size. I have all the resizing code done (it resizes fine when items are inserted, for instance), but I need a hand working out how to get the table to be aware that one of its elements has changed size.

      I'd like to do this ideally with the least amount of restriction on the contents of the table cell, so the most primitive item I can use as the contents of the cell would be appreciated. I'm vaguely familiar with the events system (in so far as the Programming Actionscript 3.0 documentation at any rate), but hope you can help in telling me how to implement this :)

      Thanks in advance,