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    checkbox and cfinclude

      I have a form with two checkboxes. When a checkbox is selected I would like to do a cfinclude with the proper form. I want to keep the checkbox slections on top of the page for further entries. This is what I have so far with no luck...
      <cfinput type="checkbox" name="checkbox_me" value="yes"><cfif IsDefined("form.checkbox_me") and #form.checkbox_me# NEQ "">
      <cfinclude template="Meal-Ent_Options.cfm">
      <th class="form_text12b_caps" scope="col"><cfinput type="checkbox" name="checkbox_m" value="mileage" id="checkbox"><cfelse IsDefined("form.checkbox_m") and #form.checkbox_m# NEQ ""><cfinclude template="Mileage_Options.cfm"></cfif>
      <label for="checkbox">Mileage</label></th>
      Thanks for any help.