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    Flash Player 9 issues

      In the last days I've updated flash player 9 to the more recent. All the movies(with forms) I've compiled before the actualization run perfect well. But all the movie I've compiled after that, work well in SAFlashPlayer version 8.0 r33, but I tried to run the movie from the IE or Firefox iI just get and black (IE) or a white(FireFox) screen...
      How could this be happening?

      Best regards,
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          at_play Level 1
          How are you embedding it into the HTML page?

          If you are looking directly at the SWF itself. NOT having it embedded in the html page then you are more than likely seeing the swf in FULL screen instead of in the dimensions it was created in.

          Set the correct dimensions in the embedding code within the html page and FireFox will see the swf correctly.

          IE is a different story. You have to manually activate the flash in IE, you should see some messages in IE regarding that when you rollover the flash. Though this also could be same issue as FF. The swf went FULL screen and you just don't see the messages as they are off screen for you.

          Embed the swf inside a html page with the correct dimensions set and you should then see the swf in FF and the activation messages in IE.
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            RALPH79 Level 1
            Thanks for your feedback.
            I've tested both. Flash movie embedded in HTML page (publishing it on Macromedia Flash 8) and calling the movie itself.
            The most strange is that this happens both on local server (my machine) and on remote server.
            Latter I've installed the flash player 8 (yes I know that we can't get it from adobe site, but I've an old exe from the time I installed the flash player 9), and the movie runs perfect well in all the cases I've described.
            So it must be a problem of flash player 9. But I don’t know how to workaround…
            Best regards,