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    NEEDED: Flex expert for online help

      We are looking for a flex expert to help us online with a few problems we are facing.

      We have started programming a tool using Flex 2.0 and now we're trying to switch to Flex 1.5 so that Flash 8 users could view it as well.

      We are looking for someone who is truly experienced with the platform to help us online with some issues.

      There is a possibility of delegating some of the future Flex work to you also.

      Here are a few of the problems (which we've already solved) to test your skill. Please do not submit a bid if you are not familiar with this kind of work:

      1. how do you disable the halo effect around created buttons (when using icon/downIcon/overIcon properties)
      2. how do you create a nice gradient effect for an HBox (or a parallel effect using a different control)
      3. when a comboBox is enabled, after it was disabled, the text that is written in the comboBox is selectable – which is a bug. Do you know how to fix it.

      We can schedule a time that would be good for both of us, but please submit your bid early so we can start the process soon.

      Please send us your bid for 6 hours of online help to this email address: outsourcing@zv-ventures.com