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    FDS+COLDFUSION  CFCRM dataservice error

    apix Level 1

      I'm trying to make the CFCRM tutorial works, but i had a lot of issues to make it work.

      I have CFMX7.2 installed on IIS (port 80) and FDS Express installed on the same server (port 8700).
      I've successfully installed and tested the CRM version, but when i try to make the Coldufion version,
      i get always the "send failed" message when compiling the mxml application.
      When i check the Flex Server Log, i have the following error message displaying in loop : Unable to create service 'flex.data.DataService' for 'data-service' due to the following error ; Error instantiating application scoped instance of type 'flex.data.assemblers.HibernateAssembler'.
      I've read a lot on forums, blogs and other related topics, but not able to fix this issue
      Any help would be appreciated !

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          apix Level 1

          It works now, but i don't understand why it previously failed..
          I've just reinstalled fds and made all the change directly to the server without any ftp upload .. and it works
          Is it possible that xml updated files or ftp transfert were the source error ?
          Is the installation order (CFMX , FDS, Flex Builder + CF extension) important ?