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    Connect to two website on same server

      My client has two websites with different domain names on the same server. We set-up one Contribute connection but the next connection set-up is refused with "You already have a connection to this server". Despite this message, Contribute cannot edit the second site. Contribute cannot apparently set-up two connections to websites on the same server. Is this possible? Surely Contribute has been used by multiple website owners? Help....
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          Tom Benjamin Level 1
          Do the sites have different root folders on the server, and different logins? I could see it being a problem if they don't. I have connections to 4 web sites on the same server, though I am using the CPS to manage them.
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            clivewalker Level 1
            The two site have different root folders and logins. However, fingers crossed, I have found the answer. I have changed the Admin - Web Server - Web address settings and deleted all alternate web addresses, for example, IP address, servername address. I only kept the actual domain name address. I think Contribute was using the alternate web addresses (which were the same for both sites, of course) to identify the sites - and refusing my connection to the second site. I have tested on my PC but I now need to test on client's machine.

            [If there is another answer, I'd be happy to hear it]