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    Tip:  Sorting topics by Build Tag prevents unwanted topics from being generated

      This is a tip that might help someone. (I'm using RoboHelp 7). I was so frustrated with some topics showing up that shouldn't have in my FlashHelp (it would have happened in WebHelp or any other output). I know that if a topic doesn't include a build tag, it will show up in the output. But when I ran the Conditional Build Tag report, some topics said "no tag" and with 500 topics, it was taking too long to find the problem (one problem was that the reports shows Content Build Tags, not just Topic Build Tags). (It would also be great it the report displayed the columns in a format where you could sort them like with the Transpose command in Excel).

      I solved the problem of the wrong topics being generated by sorting the Topic List in RoboHelp and looking for topics that didn't have Build Tags.