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    Getting Started with Flex 2

      I played with Flex 2 beta 3 a while back, then got pulled off into other things, and am now back to looking at Flex again and thought I would go through the getting started lessons (on http://livedocs.macromedia.com/flex/2/docs/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm?href=00000138 .html). I got to the second page and immediately got stuck.

      Step 1 reads: "In a text editor, open the data-management-config.xml file located in the WEB_INF/flex directory of the samples web application. "

      OK, where is this WEB_INF/flex directory located? And what is the "samples web application" that is being referred to?

      I THINK I found the right file, but in step 2 it says: "Directly above the text <destination id="contact">, make sure the following destination definition exists. "

      The quoted text does not exist in the file, but the definition it further explains to add already does exist.

      So move on to the next page and it says to "...create an MXML (text) file that contains the following text and save it as lesson1.mxml in the DSLessons directory of the samples web application." There's that samples web application reference again - where IS that?

      Oh, well THEN it has a link to a "Before you Begin" section - maybe there are some answers in there! I click on that (why isn't it in the index on the left?) and it takes me to a page suggesting I do a few things. One of the things it says is, "Create a DSLessons directory that is a subdirectory of the samples directory of the samples web application. "


      Is it wrong of me to assume that a "Getting Started with Flex 2" document would provide some foundational information that is not based on assumptions of prior knowledge of the inner workings of the very product I'm trying to get started with? This isn't even my first time playing with Flex! In fact, I was hoping to find some good step-by-step introductory material that would help some of my coworkers learn a bit about it.

      Where can I find some?
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          Kwooda Level 1
          OK, apparently the primary source of my confusion here is that some link I clicked on (I thought from a readme file, but I can't find it again) took me to the aforementioned page in the livedocs and did not display any corresponding topic open in the left column, so I assumed I was on the first page of the getting started section (especially since I was actively looking for a getting started section when I wound up here). I have discovered a more usable thread in the livedocs and am now a happier camper.
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            ntsiii Level 3
            Cool. Sounds like you got stuck in the middle of FDS (Flex Data Services) docs.

            Glad you found your way out. Post here if you have and specific questions.