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    Control MovieClip with FlashVars

      Let me start from the top, I hope I can explain this well enough so you guys can make sense of this.
      I have a cfm page with a list/menu pulldown that submits a category name to the same page it resides on using
      an onChange.

      Based upon which category is submitted I query the DB for subcategories.
      There is a flash movie in the page as well and it takes those subCats and populates the FlashVars

      <cfif isDefined ('FORM.category')>
      <cfoutput><PARAM NAME=FlashVars VALUE="category=#getCat.category#

      <cfif #getsubCats.recordCount# GT 0>

      &whichFrame=off &subCat1=Available Booth

      I do this for 10 seperate variables subCat1 thru subCat10. The Flash movie picks up the subCats
      and works just fine. But I'm trying to control a movie clip with the whichFrame var.

      The name of the clip is H1 and the script is:

      There is a frame labled "on" and a frame labled "off" inside of H1. If I manually set the variable on the stage
      to on, the clip goes to the "on" frame, and when I select a subCat that has no entry, the clip goes to "off"... BUT
      only the first time I do it. From that point on the clip won't play...

      I'm losin my marbles over this one, any help at all would be, as always, greatly appreciated!