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    Linking to merged project files

      I had a project that was basically two totally different books with a launch page which sent you to the start page for each book. This worked great when both projects were local. Now one of the books is a merged project. All of the links still work including the launch page however when choosing the merged project link the books dont automatically expand as they should. Is this a limitation of merging projects? if not is there a workaround for this? hope im being clear


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          AuthorAnne Level 1
          Hi Drew,

          Are you talking about merged .chm files, or merged WebHelp?

          What do you mean by "...choosing the merged project link..."? Are you talking about selecting the subproject book from the main TOC, or opening the subproject directly from the application by using a topic in the subproject? There is a known problem when you open a merged .chm help project using a topic in a subproject as the initial topic - the TOC doesn't synchronise to the selected topic. If that's what you're seeing, please post back and I'll dig out the solution that somebody else offered.