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    Robohelp HTML includes?

    Z33 Level 1
      How can make make php type inludes in robohelp? Is it possible through templates or anything other feature in robohelp?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Z33. Are you trying to import .PHP files into RH? You can't directly import .PHP files into RH however you can import .HTM files. It appears you can change the extensions of PHPs to HTMs but then things won't work (e.g. links, PHP tags). Check out this link found through Google for a start point.
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            Z33 Level 1

            For example If i had a navigation bar in a seperate html file. Can robohelp include that html file at the top of every html file so that I could modify that 1 seperate html file and it would affect all the files that "include" that one file?

            Sort of like templates but with more control as to where i include these pieces of html code.

            Is this possible? What are alternatives that robohelp can do?
            Basically, how can I generalize consistent code accross multiple pages , but not just at the header and footers like the templates allow, but rather anywhere in the html?
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              This sounds like what you want to do is use a frameset. The top portion of the frame would be your navigation bar and point to a single HTM file. Your frame would display two parts, the navigation bar and the other content. If you type framesets into RH help file index you'll find how to add these.
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                Another way to do this is with an "inline frame." Unlike the frameset, this would not limit your included HTML file to a specific position in the view. One caveat - inline frames are difficult to use if your content changes size dramatically on editing.
                Just another thought,

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                  MergeThis Level 4
                  You could also use a document.write JavaScript function, but keep this in mind: the content displayed in either of these solutions will not appear in Printed Documentation output! Plan accordingly.

                  Good luck,