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    Flash Pop-Up Videos.  Audio won't stop playing...

    Judge Schmells
      Hi. I am using a pop-up script to play some .flv videos on my website. However, after you take the mouse off of the jpeg image the video goes away, but the audio continues. Is there anything I can put in my script to make the whole video stop playing? Is there somekind of onmouseout tag or something that will stop the whole thing?

      Here is the mouseover code:

      <a href=" http://www.mywebsite.com"><img src="productimages4/%VAR(Products.d.code)%.jpg" width="111" height="70" onmouseover="showtrail('previews/flash/%VAR(Products.d.code)%256k.flv');" onmouseout="hidetrail();" border="0"><br>

      Thanks for any help!