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      First what I'm trying to do is to secure my login application, Authenticate Users, Display users logged in and Display error messages in to my login page. For some reason; <else>, <abort>, and the other reasons explained above are not working. <CFLogin Tags don't work in some places. Still I can login; but I can't include the <include template/> tag because it will include that template in every Page. Here is my code for the application page any help will be appreciated.By the way I'm working in a Mac OSX.
      Thank you;
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          azadisaryev Level 1
          just from a brief look at it, there are numerous wrong things with this...

          1) you have doctype and other declarations as you would in a html/cfm page - they are not needed in application.cfm page.
          2) you are using functions as you would in an application.cfc, but have doctype, head and body sections as in a regular .cfm page.... what are you using? cfc or .cfm?
          3) where is </cflogin>
          4) your many <cffif> tags are empty, and after them you have the actions you want to perform if cfif validates... like this code:

          <cffunction name="OnRequestStart">
          <cfargument name = "request" required="true"/>
          <cfif IsDefined("Form.logout")>

          this will basically perform a logout ALWAYS

          there are just too many wrong things there to list them all...
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            azadisaryev Level 1
            here's a sample application.cfm to get you started...
            also at the end of the code is a form to use in your login page, which in the example below is called "login_form.cfm"
            logout is perfomed through a link which point to same page user is on and adds "?logout=1" url parameter. (note: the login form's action attribute strips this parameter from url after login)