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    PreLoading and Streaming

      Hello all... Everyone here is so helpful, thought i'd nag you guys one more time ( sorry ).

      I'v created a website and i want some groovy tune in the background throughout the entire thing. After much seeking I think i got it all under control.

      I used the code:

      var snd_1:Sound = new Sound();

      As far as I understand the "true" bit tells it to stream the sound... now there's also a prelaoder on the whole thing that looks like this:

      ifFrameLoaded (_totalframes) {

      So whats been happening is that it loads the entire MP3 before it starts playing the website... which really sucks.
      Is there any way i can exclude the mp3 from the preloader? Is there another way i was supposed to pull this off?

      One last odd thing... the SWF after export is about 300 kb, the mp3 is about 500kb but when "simulate" a downlaod it tells me that the size of the whole thing is 1.2 megs?!?!? where did all that weight come from?

      hope there's someone out there...

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          d-sign Level 1
          After looking a bit more into it... I saw that the actual SWF was 1.2 megs... so i looked into it a bit more and turns out that because I improrted the sound to the library at a certain stage it laoded it every time. ( even though i didnt summon it from the library at any time?) anyway i deleted the mp3 from the library and I'm just summong it externally...

          so I think i'm good... even though it is taking an awfully long time to load... any recommendations?