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    Text Lingo

      Hello all,
      Here are simple text lingo questions; What's the difference between:


      Do I even have them correct? You see, I was trying to add some simple rollover to text.
      First, I just created text from the Director Tools bar. Then I added both pieces of code, one at a time. The first one gave me the error:

      Script Error: Value out of Range
      (member 3 of castLib 1)

      The second code gave me the error:

      Script Error: Symbol Expected
      (member 3 of castLib 1)

      Then I tried inserting text from Insert>Media Elements
      Then I got the same errors for the same lines of code.

      What am I doing incorrectly?
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          #field members take a comma-delimited string as their fontStyle property
          whereas #text members take a list of symbols:
          member("field").fontSyle = "bold, italic, undeline"
          member("text").fontStyle = [#bold, #italic, #underline]