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    Flash intro using images

      I am really new to Flash.

      I want to create a Flash intro for my site using images. I have NO idea how to do this. I want to use maybe 4 or 5 pictures total, but I just want them to show up one at a time (fading from one to the other or some other kind of motion) and the final image staying on the screen. I also want the title of the site above and below the image.

      For example, if I want to make a personal site about myself, the first picture I would have in the flash intro is me as a baby, the next a little older and so on...

      Does anyone have ANY idea how to do this? I did a search on how to do flash intros , but the only thing I got was sites selling software for creating flash. I already have Flash MX 2004

      Please help or if anyone knows any sites that would walk me though this, I would be greatful. Thank you!!!