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    RTMP Server Fails

    Mow Level 1
      I have installed FDS with the Integrated Jrun. I inititally installed into Tomcat just for interests sake, but then unintalled and re-installed as standalone. On startup I get the following error:

      user MessageBrokerServlet: init
      flex.messaging.endpoints.rtmp.RTMPException: The RTMP server has encountered a fatal exception starting up: Address already in use: bind
      at flex.messaging.endpoints.rtmp.BaseNIORTMPServer.run(BaseNIORTMPServer.java:310) at java.lang.Thread(Unknown Source)

      Now as I said, I am also running both Tomcat and ColdFusion in Multiserver configuration (integrated JRun) through port 80 -- and there may be something clashing there. Any help appreciated. Thanks.