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    BUG with focusManager and dyn tex with <a href>

      here is souse file thad demonstrates this conflict

      1)open variant1.fla
      2)just click Test Movie
      3)Press several times button "1"
      4)Now in output window (F2) you can see couter of your buton press events.
      5)NOW clik top right text link - it contains html : <a href=\"asfunction:asfnc\">Text link in _root</a>
      6)function asfnc() was called - in the output window you can see the result of this function
      7)NOW try to PRESS several times on the button "1"...
      SEE??? the events of the button do nothing.

      tha is because i have Window component in my liblrary. And Window component (as default) enables class mx.managers.FocusManager. And as i said before this class doestn't work proper with <a href> tags in dyn textfields.

      but NOW close testing movie and open first frame of _root
      uncomment first line of code and click Test Movie again.
      Repeat all steps 2) - 7) again.
      SEE?? When i disable focusManager all works correct.

      Maybe some one knows the solution of this problem. ("how to use FocusManages and dyn textfield at the same time")

      Same problem whith all href tags (for ex. javascript: , asfunction: , etc.);
      I'am workin' with Flash 8 Professional + Apache HTTP Server.