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    best practice for animating a presentation

      I have been asked to animate a 2 minute presentation with no user interaction where audio clips must synch up with events on screen with various image tweens and fading. I have done them in the past using keyframe animations, but I get into performance issues that I would like to resolve. I am aware that animating through actionscript along with a preloader will more than likely allevate my problems, but I am not sure the best way to go about doing this. I know how to animate symbols such as "this._x = this._x+5;" but I am not sure how to keep triggering other animations once one animation gets to a certain point, would I just use alot of IF statements. Or is it better and easier to use the tween class? along with animationVar.onMotionFinished = function() { play next animation}; and if so what is a good way to keep the audio in synch. Or is there a way to get the key frame animations to perform better on things like alpha fades on bitmap images.

      I realize this is a question that would have a lengthy answer if fully explained. Are there any good resources I could look at?