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    fade from one movie clip to another movie clip

    cre8ive1974 Level 1

      I want to fade from one MC to another MC with out keyframes. I downloaded some component items in the Flash Exchange (fader, simple effect library) but I can't figure out how to work them. They say drag on to the movieclip you want to fade in, but it doesn't work when I view it. Is there another way?

      I just want to have an image in a viewer on the screen with a selection of images in thumbnails to the left. you click on a thumbnail and it fades in over the image that is in the viewer. I don't want the viewer to go empty then fade in the image, I want what ever image is in the viewer to remain and whatever image they select in the thumbnails to fade in over. So you see it is a random selection, so keyframes won't work....

      any help would be appreciated as I am rather new to Flash and have been stumbling over this one for a while