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    Help Sending Input Text In Email Form

      I have 3 fields of input text labeled (variable name):

      Your name: (t1)
      Email: (t2)
      Comments: (t3)

      I would like to send them using a cgi script on my host server. However, I do not have a cgi script nor do I know which one would best fit this application. Can anyone direct me to a reliable and appropriate download of an email cgi script? Also I don't know the action script needed to apply to the submit button I have, does anyone have some advice? I'm close but I need a little helping hand connecting the dots. I have the following on my button now:

      on (rollOver, dragOver) {
      on (rollOut, dragOut) {
      on (release) {
      //I think I need something like this to replace the on (release)
      //on(release) {
      //loadVariables("/cgi-bin/form-to-mail.cgi", _root, "post");

      If you would like to view the page goto:


      After the intro from the main page goto the "Contact" page

      Any help is much appreciated!