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    Prompt for FTP Username and Password 50 times

      In Contribute 3, I have created 50 website connections. These connections utilize FTP for connection. I logged out for the evening, came back the next day, opened Contribute, and upon attempting to establish one site connection, I was prompted for FTP username and password over 50 times.

      I attempted to click the "save password" button while reconnecting to each site, but upon leaving the software and coming back, I got prompted 50 times again for FTP username and password.

      My contribute user name is different from my ftp user name.

      How do I get it to not prompt any more?
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          If I understand your question correctly, I think you need to go into your site administration and go to the Publishing Server > Edit Connection dialog. There, where it asks for your FTP user name and password, be sure to uncheck the "Users must enter their own user name and password" checkbox so Contribute uses that FTP user name every time it xfers files.

          I hope this helps.