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    No sound with Flash 9 with embedded video?

      this is very strange. i cannot get any sound w/ Flash Player 9 in Internet Explorer (IE) with playing embedded video. problem occurs with many websites with embedded youtube or other flash videos. when those sites are loaded, the sound bar was set to zero, but there is no sound even if i drag it to a higher level. yet, when the same video is played from youtube directly, it works perfectly.

      when i uninstall Flash 8 or 9 and reinstall an older version such as Flash 7, the sound plays perfectly without problem in all website wth the sound bar set to the correct level.

      i am running win xp professional sp2. latest updates/patches installed. ie 6.

      i have tried the following:
      1. the k-lite codec trick - does not work.
      2. scanned for virus/spyware - none found.
      3. uninstall all Flash w/ adobe uninstaller and reinstall the latest build - does not work.
      4. clean out all registry entries related to flash and reinstall - does not work
      5. deleted quicktime - does not work

      can someone please help me?