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    Postioning A MovieClip in IDE useing X and Y

      I am just curious if anyone knows a way to make the Flash cordnate position apply only to registration points I seem to remember being able to position things according to the registration point not the content inside of them using the properties inspector.

      Maybe im just crazy but I dont think it was always this way. Lets say I make two MovieClips "box1" and "box2" inside of "box1" I draw a red box at x:0 and y:0. Then inside of box2 I draw a box at x:20 and y:20. after I have created my two MovieClips and drew the boxes inside of them I drag both to the Stage and place both at x:0 and y:0. Now this should align "box1" to the topLeft of the Stage and "box2" should be aligned to x:0 and y:0 leaving a 20px gap between the 0, 0 of the Stage and the graphic inside of "box2" however it doesnt both boxes get aligned according to there content and sit directly ontop of each other.

      Any thoughts a solution or question id be very glad to hear them all.