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    It works locally....

    nyfeman Level 1
      This is my first attempt to get ColdFusion and Flex 2 to talk to each other. It's based off of the "Hello World" example, only I created a query to populate a datagrid. It works real pretty on my local machine, but when I upload it to my server (a shared server with CF 7.0.2 running on it) I get the following error:


      Does this make any sense to anyone as to why it's not working? Are they missing something? AM I?

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          tomj Adobe Employee
          It sounds like something is wrong with the ColdFusion server installation. I would check the CF log files, particularly exception.log, and see if there is more information about what is going wrong.
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            Can you double check cfadmin on the shared server, left column under Data & Services > Flex Integration, and make sure Enable Flash Remoting support is checked


            William Chan
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              nyfeman Level 1
              Thanks for the responses.

              The folks at the hosting provider made a change and that error message went away. Now I get one that says:
              faultString:'Permission denied'

              My big concern right now is that I'm not setting the "additional compiler arguments" properly for the production server. This is one area where the current documentation is a little thin. I can't find anything (on Adobe.com or off) that really talks about the "destination" attribute of the RemoteObject class and the above mentioned argument.

              Any thoughts or resources?

              Thanks again for the responses,
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                Bill Sahlas

                As William pointed out you must ensure that the "Enable Flash Remoting support" check box *is* selected. Otherwise you will recieve "Permission Denied" errors for an RemoteObject calls to destinations defined with the server in question as the end point. Can you check with your host provider?
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                  nyfeman Level 1
                  Bill --

                  Thanks, I've got a ticket in for them to check that.

                  While I've got your ear (eye?), can you tell me this -- I'm trying to figure out where the files that are in C:\CFusionMX7\wwwroot\WEB-INF (i.e., all of the various xml documents -- crossdomain.xml, services-config.xml, etc.) need to go on a shared server set-up and what I need to set up versus what I need to tell my host to set up in them.

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                    nyfeman Level 1
                    That was, indeed, the issue. Problem solved.

                    Thanks for the assistance!