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    Button AS for video clip

      Hello folks,
      I know my question is probably stupid and very basic. But I am new in Flash, so there is obviously lot of confusion. I would like to post few video clips on my website (there are in Quick Time format right now) What is the best way to do it. Should I import it to Flash's library and play the clip from there? If so, do I need to convert it to .fla first, or can I leave it in QT? And what is the Action Script for this. When someone clicks on button called for example: SEE VIDEO. What AS do I have to put into that button for this video to play.
      Thank you very much for any input.
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          funkysoul Level 4
          I would re-encode all the videos to FLV, then move over to http://www.gotoandlearn.com or check the adobe tutorials, there should be a tutorial somewhere explaining how to create a dropdown box and playing flv files.

          on gotoandlearn you have a bunch of tutorials on how to create flv players :)

          Have fun :)
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            Hi Funkysoul,
            thanks a lot for your input and for the link you had sent me.
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              Yes, I am an extremely new user, am having a similar problem that I have a video file that I would like to play, but first I have a jpg file that I would like to act as a button to start the video. I have documentation (from Macromedia Training from the Source) that tells me I can add AS to the hit portion of the button (as I used to in flash 5) but I can't seem to get this to work. The script assist tells me I can't add AS to the button.

              Thanks for any help you can give me. suenashed
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