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    Rewind movie

      I hope I haven't just answered my question in my topic summary. I'm working on a game that has sprites that disappear as the player clicks on them. The client has asked for a rewind button so that he doesn't have to keep restarting the .exe whenever he's showing it to customers. I can't seem to find a handler or Lingo that will start the movie over AND reset all the sprites to where they were on startMovie.

      Any ideas?
      Thanks so much-
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          There's nothing "built-in" that will do this for you automatically - you
          will probably need to write your own "reset" handler.
          If it were me, I'd have all of my sprites self-aware enough that I could
          tell them all to reset and they'd do so; but I don't know how you've
          structured your existing code.
          If you're /really/ lucky, it might be as simple as jumping to a frame
          where all of your game sprites don't exist, updating any globals that
          need re-initialising, and jumping back to frame 1