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    help file names too long

    Emma SDL
      We created a folder structure in RoboHelp that mostly mirrors the TOC. The main reason for this folder structure is that we are on RoboSource so we need to have separate folders which we can work in order for us to have multiple users in the help at the same time.

      We supply the developers with a local copy of the webhelp as well as the help being on a server on the internet. This is in case a user does not have access to the Internet. The problem is that when the developers include the local webhelp in the build of the application, the build fails because the paths are too long.

      Is there a way to automatically shorten the path in a generated webhelp project? Is there something that can be done when compiling it? We are using RoboHelp 7.0.2.

      Right now the only thing that potentially would fix the problem is to simplify the folder structure in the source files and shorten the filenames. I am however reluctant to do this because I know RoboHelp does not handle renaming of files and moving of files very well, especially when it is on RoboSource Control.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          There is no way to automatically shorten the path Emma depending on whether it is located locally or on the internet. You could shorthen the path to the default topic I suppose but it sounds like it is the internal folder names that are the issue here. I think the only answer here is to shorten the folder names. I don't use RSC so can't really comment on its ability to handle folder changes but RH itself handles it perfectly.