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    Play animation already played

      Sorry I have difficult for use the answer in this forum. Here is a link for my fla files(zipped)

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      > Hello everybody,
      > I have a Web site make entirely with flash MX.
      > My Web site contains several button, when I click one button a drop-down menu
      > container of other button appears. (A animation make this).
      > My problem is : I can't click on a button already clicked (to remake to unroll
      > the menu) unless I click on another button. In this case the first button
      > becomes click again but the second is not it any more.
      > Approximately, I believe that my animation do not play any more because it is
      > already in execution.
      > Can you help me.
      > Thank you
      > Michel Langlais

      Nobody can help you without seeing the files. Zip up the fla and put it on your website with a link to it here.