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    dataProvider References to External XML

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      Hi all,

      I built a test app with a dataGrid and tree which were populated from
      XML data in the head of the mxml document and all worked great. Now
      I've moved the data into external xml files in the same directory and
      referenced them with the mx:XML tag. But when you move the data out to
      another file, I found that there has to be a single top node, which I
      added. Problem is that this top node is now shown in the displayed data.

      How do you change the dataProvider reference in the tree and dataGrid to
      jump down a level, when the data's in an external file? All the
      examples I've found that traverse down in the data stack utilize HTTP
      services, and reference things like "lastResult" which obviously doesn't
      translate. :( I tried simply using the form [XML id].[xml top
      node].[xml repeat nodes], but that produced no result.

      Any help on this would be appreciated, as I'm definitely a Flex noob and
      I need all the help I can get. :)

      - Josh