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    LocalConnection Loading/Loop Problem

      I'm loading two flash movies onto a page and one movie sends a "cookie" to the other at certain intervals to tell the second movie to gotoandPlay a certain frame. The first movie that serves as the "sender" actually loads 6 movies into it (defined by an array) and each time the next movie plays, it sends a call to the second movie to gotoandplay a certain frame, also defined by an array. I'm using the LocalConnection to do this, but running into a couple of issues.

      First, the first frame of the second movie doesn't load all of the time. Second, when it does seem to work properly, it gets to the end, starts over and runs through the loop twice before completely getting out of sync. And third, the page works differently on different browsers, which I suspect would be corrected if the overall code is corrected - hopefully.

      The code in the sender movie is below. It is based off of code I found in the forum to do a crossfade between movies. When I "test" the movie and watch the trace, all of the frames are being called correctly and the loop doesn't break so I'm really confused about what I'm doing wrong.

      The code on the receiving movie is here:

      var receiving_lc:LocalConnection = new LocalConnection();
      receiving_lc.methodToExecute = function(bNum) {

      Here is a preview of the page: http://www.h2xmultimedia.com/clients/_select/index.html

      I'm an actionscript novice so I may doing something blaringly obvious and I won't be offended if you tear apart my code. At this point I just really need help!!!!