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    CBO datasource ?

    l_r_larson Level 1
      I simply do not understand something. I have a datasource for a cbo box that is using an array returned by a cold fusion call. How do I assign the data and label fields properly? I have gone through the docs, and most examples simply create a static arraycollection where you assign object values. How do I do this from a dynamic data source?

      I really appreciate it.

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          inlineblue Level 1
          Use the ComboBox's labelField property to tell it which field to display in the cbx. If you've got an array of Objects, then just give the property name. If it's XML and the label is in an attribute, use the @ notation (eg. cbx.labelField = "@mylabel").

          There's no real concept of a data field. The selectedItem property will simply return the entire object from the dataprovider.