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    please help

      flash has been having many problems in the last week, and they are making it almost imposible to use. my first problem is that i can not make two tweens in the same layer, and if i do it does not do what i told it to do it just moves the objects over slightly. my second problem is that now i can not make tweens at all! i have a button that has a movie clip inside of it and in the movie clip there is a line that moves up and down the button only a dotted line will apear on the frames when i try to make the tween by selecting the frames and then in the propperties menu selecting tween>motion, but if i right click on the selected frames then the arrows apear in the frames! but even when the arrows appear the tween doesnt work everything just stays in one place but i told it to move!! This is making it so i cant really use flash, PLEASE HELP ME.

      i tryed reinstalling flash and that didnt work ummm i have a g5 imac if that helps

      PLEASE PLEASE help me