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    Radio box not holding selection

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      Hello, My first time posting here. Hope I can get some help I have a few
      problems with a multi page form I created using CFSWITCH. Here goes:

      1 - I have quite a few radio boxes on the form and when I click the back
      button on the form the radio boxes do not retain their values. I have tried
      placing this code within the input radio button

      <cfif isDefined(SESSION.OrderProcess.CardType) AND
      SESSION.OrderProcess.CardType EQ "4/4-Business">Checked</cfif>>

      But it doesn't work. Any helpful hints would be great. I tried using the
      built in DW8 dynamic feature, but it messed up the code so badly. It placed
      the #IIF statement in the middle of another statement and missed the last
      radio button in the group it was terrible.

      2 - I have a few text area boxes. And, when I click the back button unless I
      reset everything on that <cfcase> I can not update the text.

      A Link to the form can be seen here: