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    Flash 6 vs. Flash 7/8 AS1 difference?

    abeall Level 3
      Is this behavior documented? It has left me utterly baffled.

      var a = "string";

      Working in the Flash 8 IDE, I get these results:
      Publish settings - Flash 6 AS1
      Output - "!a:string"

      Publish settings - Flash 7 or 8 AS1
      Output - ""

      So (!var_str) evaluates 'true' in SWF6, but evaluates 'false' in SWF7 and SWF8? Is this essentially a bug in SWF6 that was fixed in SWF7? Or is there a problem with the Flash 8 IDE compiling to SWF6? I'll try compiling with my old copy of Flash 6 when I get a chance.