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    Flex Apps + Security

      Hi there,

      Currently I'm not a Flex developer (yet), though I want to be. I have a some questions before commiting to this development platform. So if you pro's don't mind, I'd appreciate your feedback.

      First I'll describe what I'd like to do. Simply put I'd like to build an app that runs locally (either using the browser or a standalone client) that hits a database server across the internet. I can see some of the data, if not all (at times), being sensitive information. With this in mind I'd like your feedback on the following questions:

      1) I think RIA's are the way to go but being that I've never developed one I'm concerned about security. How well does Flex 2 manage security?
      2) Is the information at any point exposed as plain text?
      3) How can you make sure the data is passed securely?

      Moving Data
      1) Let's say the internet connection is down for a short period of time. Can flex cache the data locally or keep it in a disconnected dataset or something for submission when the internet connection is back online?
      2) Is that build into actionscript or is it something that needs to be developed on my own?

      Coding and Design
      1) While there is flex builder for windows I'm currenlty on a mac. I read there is a beta coming out later this year (yay!) but in the mean time how hard would it be to write code by hand in a text editor such as TextMate (which, i believe, has syntax highlighting and code-snippets for Actionscript)?
      2) How hard/easy is it to customize controls and such in Flex 2?

      Is there anything else I should be asking? I just need to convince my partner in crime that Flex 2 would be the right choice for this type of application. (He's used to developing desktop apps, just fyi)