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    Background color in text box/button

      i made a text box and turned it into a button. i then change the text color for the various stages of the button.

      But I would also like to change the background of the text button for the various stages.

      I don't see a backround color when I'm editing the 4 stages of the button.

      Any way to do this?
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          derobinson Level 1
          Add a layer in the timeline beneath your text layer. Use the Rectangle Tool to draw a box in the color of your choice in each keyframe of the button. You'll need to figure out the size to fit your design, but that shouldn't be too difficult.

          Good luck!
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            lisamaenot Level 1
            i did this but it covered the text. i then changed it to overlay but then i couldn't access the url the button was pointing to. any way to make the box and retain the usabloe info on the text layer above? thanks for your reply
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              derobinson Level 1
              You have to make sure that you place the layer containing the background of your button is underneath the layer containing your text. In your button there was one layer, if you added a layer for the backgrounds, it was automatically added above the current layer...thus above your text...simply click and drag the new layer bellow the original layer, then add the rectangles for the Up, Over, and Hit state. You should only have one shape in the Hit frame that is the same size as your background rectangles.

              I tested it quickly and it worked for me, so if you'r still having problems, post your FLA somewhere and I'll take a look.