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    Flash 9 Bug?

      Heres my setup:

      Checkout : http://www.blinker.dk/file1.swf
      Click the black button to load : http://www.voxdahl.com/file2.swf into an empty movieclip.
      Click the green button to set the text property of the TextField in file2 to "Hello". This is a crossdomain access.

      Both file1.swf and file2.swf has "System.security.allowDomain("*");" in first frame
      Both http://www.blinker.dk/crossdomain.xml and http://www.voxdahl.com/crossdomain.xml contains
      <allow-access-from domain="www.blinker.dk" />
      <allow-access-from domain="www.voxdahl.com" />

      I have compiled the files for Flash8 AS2 in Flash 8 Professional

      When this executes in a Flash8 Player the textField displays "Hello"
      When this exectues in a Flash9 Player nothing happens.

      Im able to trace the textField object in both setups, so I know that this is not a reference error.
      I suspect that some new security policy disables my access to objects in file2.swf from file1.swf when they are on different domains.

      Sourcefiles: www.blinker.dk/f9test.zip

      Has anybody got a clue?