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    Weblogic webservice access problem

      So, I've downloaded the free Flex SDK and tried my hands at Flex
      programming by starting with a weblogic webservice client implementation.
      Keep getting this error:
      " RPC Fault faultString="Security error accessing url"
      " faultDetail="Unable to load WSDL.
      If currently online, please verify the URI and/or format of the WSDL..."

      The wsdl url is good, have been tested from Java prog and browser.

      Weblogic is running locally on my machine, from within an Eclipse

      I've tried an all permissive crossdomain.xml in all folders, but it
      doesn't seem to work.

      Also tried <web-service-proxy> config entry in the flex-config, but I
      don't think I've got it right, as the flex compiler choke on it.

      My Flex (mxml?) code for the webservice definition is something like this:
      <mx:WebService id="MyService"
      wsdl=" http://somedomain/ws/MyWebSvc?WSDL"

      I used the same technique to make another prog that talked to one of
      the sample Flex webservices available and it worked just fine, so just
      as the message says, it's some sort of security error here on my pc.

      Thanks for your comments in advance!