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    Linking Flash clips

      What would be the easiest way to have a movie jump to another movie (same size window) with an "on release" button click and associate action script??
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          you should just have an empty movie clip on the stage of your main swf, and have the other swf files loaded into the movieClip using loadMovie.

          empty_mc.loadMovie(URL of your swf file to be loaded)
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            SugnaShane Level 2
            try this:
            create a movie clip called "holder"
            Put it on the timeline and give it an instance name of "holder"

            Put this AS on your button.
            on (release) {

            _root.loadMovie ("movie.swf" , "holder");


            This will load a external swf called "movie.swf" in the MovieClip with and instance name "holder"

            I think I typed the syntax correctly