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    RSL Dynamic Linking

      Does a dynamic RSL share static properties between two applications via static members?

      I would guess they don't so I will ask the next question:

      Consider a main app with the following structure.

      [Main Application]
      [Module A.swf]
      [Load A.1.swf into Right]
      [Load A.2.swf into Right]
      [Module B.swf]
      [Load B.1.swf into Right]
      [Load B.2.swf into Right]

      In the left accordion an swf will be loaded into the Left accordion one for each module.

      Each module accordion item(A.1,A.2...) will need to populate the right panel with an swf or a control inside an swf, these should also be loaded only once and maintain their state when switching back and forth.

      Do I need to create an interface in a shared RSL for App, Module-Left, and Module-Right so they can communicate? Is there a better way to accomplish the communication in a type safe manner?