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      Ok, I have a menu with 8 elements in it. Each menu is a clip object that are instances of one single button object. The menu is an image symbol that contains eight instances, one for each clip. Here's the tricky part: When you click on the first clip, it must show two other menu elements that are only shown in frame 20 of the image object. So, how can I make this clip gotoAndPlay frame 20 of the image symbol (so that of the two menu elements are shown)?

      I didn't build the flash by the way, I just have to update it :P

      Thank you
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          if I understand you correctly, you have a menu that is a single movieClip (let's say instance name is menu_mc); and in the menu is 8 buttons (each with instence names of for example first_btn, second_btn ect.) If you want one of the buttons to gotoAndStop / or gotoAndPlay a certain frame number, you have to first reference the movieClip name and then the button name.
          For example if you wanted you firts_btn button to gotoAndStop frame 20 it would look like this:

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            Almost, ok I'll try to be clearer (and remember I'm using a french version of Flash so I have to translate some of the words used):

            I have an image symbol called "sub1". This symbol contains 9 movie clips which are instances of movie clips called "hover_sub_1a" to "hover_sub_1i". These movie clips are instances of a button symbol called "hover_pic_btn".

            Now, the action is in each movie clip "hover_sub_1a" to "hover_sub_1i" and they each call a different section of the website.

            Now, I have to change the first button so that, instead of loading a part of the website, it goes to the image symbol at frame 20.

            In the image symbol, I have a stop(); at frame 9 and an interpolation of movement going from 11 to 20 and frame 20 shows the two other menus (which are in fact meant to be sub-menus of "hover_sub_1a".

            I hope it clears things up
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              Ok nevermind, I used _parent and it worked fine (I had to ask my boss and now I look like a fool but that's alright lol :P)