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    size limit

      Im trying to convert some of our help files into .swf using flash paper. Every time i try to convert it, the flash paper window opens saying preparing document, but then it just hangs there for hours.

      The document im trying to convert is about 1 mb and is 31 pages using Word. I also have quite a bit of formatting and links within the document. I've converted smaller documents with formatting and links and it worked fine, but the biggest i've done is only like a page or two. I was wondering if there was any kind of size limit that causes it to crash or hang.
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          lionsrage Level 1
          I have the same problem except that the document I am trying to convert is less than a page.I saved a bit of info from a web page by copying and pasting into
          the word document .I have a 1/2 page of content at best.I can understand why
          dvwatkins might have speed issues but not myself. So why is it so slow??