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    Flash Streaming Payment

      I have an application where I need to be able to serve flash video to the client. But in this case I need either the server streaming the flash, or the client receiving the flash to stop playing when a user runs out of viewing minutes. And obviosly take away viewing minutes (kept track of in a SQL database) as he views the videos.

      I'm not looking for some sort of completely integrated package with an admin, billing modules, etc. I'm just interested in the streaming of the flash video by the server and receiving by the client, and then being able to control how much is viewed per minute.

      Essentially I need to stream training video to a client remotely, and the user pays for this video per minute of use. I'm building a CF application to handle this but can't seem to find an answer to how to bill the user per minute as he watches the video.

      Any pointers or ideas are appreciated!
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          coreysyms Level 1
          well you can track time in flash, but i wouldnt do it cause flash tracks time locally off the users machine, and most people can screw with the clock, or dont have it set correctly etc. a world of problems trust me.

          track the time useing server side code, CF or PHP whatever you like. then you can send the "time" as a varialbe to flash and just have a simple if statement checking to see if the time is up, and use the variable as a "start time" and track in flash from there, like when the video starts flash gets the current time from CF and starts counting, if the user stops the video, flash pauses the timeing.

          then when done flash can send out the elapsed time to CF do a calculation and drop it into the DB.

          as for the flash video, it is really very simple.
          here is a link to a great tutorial > http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx2004/video.htm