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    cferror catches error, but no error exists

      Hello gang .. I got the following issue with one of my fusebox 4 apps.

      Coldfusion complains that a variable is undefined in a page, the session variable is a dynamic variable that I put together after collecting some information. Here is how it works.

      A student selects a class: 130L
      A sudentt selects the location for the class: Location

      Then I set the session variable: session.130L_Location = the value selected (NY)

      If the student selects (decide later) for the location of the class, then I set the value of session.130L_Location to 0

      In the fron end, there are no errors reported at all, however I keep getting the error email saying that session.130L_Location is undefined. Now the cferror tag is executed, the error email is sent, but there is no redirection of the user to the error page. The user stays in the screen they are in and no instances of an error are showed to the user.

      Just so you know .. at all times session.130L_Location is defined ..

      I'm not sure what is going on here ..
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          Have you tried using <cflog /> to see if infact the variable is not in the session?

          Try putting the cflog in places like: just above any <cflocation /> tags, at the top
          each template, etc.

          You may want to create a UDF that accepts a structure you want to loop over
          (form, url, session, etc.) and the use cflog to show name/value pairs.

          BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE SESSION TOKENS (session.urltoken).
          <cflog text="#session.urltoken# - the thing you want to log here" ... />

          Good luck!