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    New to Flex, pretty confused

      Hi all,
      My boss has given me the task of learning Flex. I have several years of Actionscripting knowledge but am not really a programmer and I have fallen at the first hurdle a bit.

      I began following this tutorial
      But after a lot of fiddling and finally copying and pasting the code entirely the app still does not work.

      1) The Array takes this form:
      Label text
      Data text

      and <label> and <data> throw up the error: 'Could not resolve <label> to a component implementation'
      I have got round this by restructuring the Objects like this: <mx:Object label="Label text" data="Data Text"/>

      2) The Text item also goes wrong and shows only the top 2 or 3 pixels of the text untill I add height="100%"

      3) The Button does not work and I get the error: 'Call to possibly undefined method addItem through a reference with static type mx.controls:List' and this I cant fix.

      Can anyone tell me if the script in the tutorial is out of date or if I am just being a muppet about this.

      Also, if anyone can explain these errors, that would be really good. I can see all kinds of joyous things in the future if I can just make Flex do my bidding, so any help,tips or links to good tutorials would also make my day.