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    Loading forms (screens) into a ScrollPane

      i have several screens/forms (root, screen_1...)
      a popup (popup)
      and a scrollpane (sp)

      i would like to use actionscript to load the screens into the popup and scrollpane components.

      i am able to load forms instances into the popup component without any problem. but when i try to load them into the scrollpane, i get nothing but errors.

      popup.contentPath = 'screen_1'; // works just fine.
      sp.contentPath = 'screen_1'; // doesn't work at all.

      Error opening URL "file:///C|/path/_level0.root.screen_1"

      that is the correct path ('_level0.root.screen_1', not the file part). even putting in the entire absolute path to the screen instance gives me the same error.

      i can load movieclips from the library, but that's not what i want to do. it seems that the scrollpane is unable to load an instance of a component into itself... but the popup is able to. it doesn't make sense to me. what's the difference, and has anyone been able to do this successfully?