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    Email validation question

      I am in need of some advise. I am currently using a custom tag (IsEmail) to check the validity (format) of an email address. However, my supervisor would like to see if an email validation program or tag can be found that will check the email address against the domain server to check that it is an actual valid email, not just made up. Someone mentioned HexValidEmail and I would like to hear how it works or if others have other tags or services they use for this.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

      Lynn Eades
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          tragik-FSQk3T Level 1
          It isn't possible to validate an e-mail past the formatting, unless you have access to the ISP/host of the users e-mail account - in a public domain this is obviously not possible...

          Ultimately, you are limited to sending an e-mail to the user requiring a click back to confirm it is indeed valid.

          The closest you could come to post format validation would be a request to the e-mail domains mail port (which of course is subject to the admin using a default) or a domain whois on their extention to confirm that it is a valid domain (this does nothing to confirm if the e-mail associated with the domain is valid however).