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    XMLSocket onData handler

      I am using an XMLSocket and the onData handler to recieve data at around 30 times per second into flash. I have been noticing that the refresh rate is much less then that. In order to test this I had the onData handler print out the frame and a timestamp everytime it is called. This is the output I got:

      frame 1 time 1000
      frame 2 time 1000
      frame 3 time 1000
      frame 4 time 1000
      frame 5 time 1200
      frame 6 time 1200
      frame 7 time 1201
      frame 8 time 1201
      frame 9 time 1202

      It seems that a lot of onData handlers are being called at the same time and then a big break and a lot more are executed. Is there anyway to speed this up so that each frame will be recieved at an even interval.

      Thanks in advance