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    Flash to ASP - System.useCodepage = true????

    Nixy Level 1
      I use Flash to communicate with an ASP page. The problem is when I try to transfert Data from Flash to ASP (LoadVar) if I use System.useCodepage = true, all works great. If I don't use that, it means that by defalut it's false, every Franch char like (éÉèÈàÀçÇ.....) does not display correctly when the ASP use them.

      The problem is that when I set System.useCodepage = true, if I load external document like .txt or .xml, they are interpreated by Flash has Unicode. Just like in Flash 5. If I want to load them in another format I need to set the System.useCodepage to false. In this way, the ASP data transfert will not display perfectly.

      Is there a way to transfert Data to ASP from Flash without setting the useCodepage to true, and keeping the french chars as they are supposed to display.

      Tanx for your help
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          blemmo Level 1
          Save the files in UTF-8 format, Flash uses this by default, I think. Maybe you have to indicate the encoding in your files, e.g. for XML, define it in the declaration:
          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

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            Nixy Level 1
            Tanx for that
            My problem is not really with the XML file. That part works great. Well exactly like you have explain UTF-8. The problem is when trying to send data from Flash to ASP. Without usign System.useCodepage set to true, all special chars does not display cerrectly when the ASP get them. It means that I have to set the code page to true. In that case, Flash works with the System default encoding. That is what I don't whant. But I need specials chars to be sent to ASP.